Keep your home in shape and energy costs low with a preventative maintenance contract!


We install, repair, service and maintain all types of appliances. Including, but not limited to...

Freezers * Refrigerators
Ice Makers
Stoves * Ovens
Water Heaters

Home Repairs and Maintenance including...

  • Electrical repairs
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Interior & exterior painting and wall repair
  • Repair of decks and stairways
  • Gutter & roof cleaning
  • Pressure Washing
  • Concrete, driveway & sidewalk cleaning
  • Attic & crawl space/basement insulation
Plumbing Repairs - Leaks are more expensive to fix the longer they drip!

Cut Your Energy Costs Tips

Don't let your
money burn away
from lack of
proper maintenance
or needed repairs

Keep your filters clean. Change at least once a month for maximum efficiency.
3 FIX THAT LEAK! Whether it is a faucet, toilet or pipe, even a slow leak can run into several dollars over time. Not only that, but may damage floors, walls, cabinets, sewer systems or other structural components leading to even more costs.
3 Keep you coils clean. Keep a minimum of 24 inches of open space around your outside coils. Also, remove any leaves or other foreign objects that may be blocking airflow.
Have your equipment routinely serviced. Make sure that the equipment is operating at peak efficiency. Even older equipment benefit from regular maintenance. A unit not working properly can cause problems for other equipment and even you employees. Excessive noise, heat and odd smells are costly in many ways.
1 If your equipment or appliances are aging, consider upgrading to a new high efficiency system or appliance. Much has changed over the past few years to make equipment & appliances more energy efficient, easier to use, more robust and cost effective than older models. Talk to us about reviewing your current equipment/appliance list and see if there are oppotunities to save money and energy.
Call for a free estimates on replacing your costly equipment or appliances with new high efficiency items or starting a routine preventative maintenance contract to keep your equipment and appliances operating at their best!
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